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Load Elite-Memories demo  V.0.05  (4000k)

Now  (finally) introducing the original Elite radar

requirements: DirectX 9.0c

2004 -DbPro





Load Elite-Memories demo  V.0.04  (1430k)




Load Elite Memories Demo    V.0.03(1150k)

-Runs in aWindow with DB 1.09  .

-Hides the lensflare when there is object between camera      and  the sun .


Load Elite Memories Demo. V.0.02(805k)

Windows 95/98233 MHz Pentium processor or greater
32 MB of RAM  
1 MB of hard disk space
DirectX compatable Sound Card
DirectX compatable 3D Accelerator required (4MB+)

DirectX 7.0a or above

Mikko Ketonen 2001